Providing Care for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Holistic, Inc. is a primary care office located in St Albans, West Virginia. Our goal is to treat any issues as a whole, therefore providing care for the mind, body, and soul.

Our staff focuses on specialized treatments for each client based on their individual needs.

For addiction counseling, drug treatment, primary care, or trauma therapy in Saint Albans, West Virginia, contact Holistic, Inc.

The Personal Care of Primary Care

A primary care provider is that one person who you trust. They are the professionals that know your history, your illnesses and often much more. At Holistic, we want to be that primary care facility and that person for you. We want to invest in getting to know you. In doing so we can better treat your entire person while fostering a meaningful relationship.

As a primary care provider, these provider-patient relationships often become real and deep relationships. Of course, these relationships and friendships aren’t built overnight but they all begin the same way. If you need a medical provider, primary care provider, or even counseling, we can help. It begins with you and it ends with us.

It Begins With the First Step Toward Addiction Treatment

It is a disease that does not discriminate. It touches all economic, social, religious, and ethnic backgrounds and there is only one way to survive -getting help. It is not something we can’t defeat on our own and it is a battle that will take time, effort, and help. At Holistic, Inc. we not only offer primary care services but also treatment and counseling for addiction.

In conjunction with step programs or treatments like suboxone, our staff will help you get free and get your life back. The battle, as it is with any disease, is difficult. Don’t worry, we are and will be your biggest fans and we will be there every step of the way.

Beating addiction begins by reaching out. Reach out, get help, and get better. We can help and you can overcome your addiction, contact us today to begin on the road to recovery with addiction treatment.

Suboxone and the Tools to Break Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction has reached epidemic levels and we are all aware of the problem today. If there is any silver lining at all to be had in that, it could be that we have been driven even harder to find solutions for those fighting opioid addiction. The truth is, we were running out of time and didn’t have a choice.

The ugliest part of opiate addiction, in an evil irony, is when someone attempts to quit. Withdrawal from opiates is unlike any other and is the primary reason people continue using. The great efforts made by the medical and intervention communities have resulted in several solutions.

At Holistic, we apply techniques like counseling, use medications such as suboxone, and exhaust every available resource to combat these addictions. We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel as more opioid addicts are getting clean. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and we can help you see it.

Addiction Counseling and Services

The battle of addiction can never be fought on just one front, it must be attacked from every angle. That includes things like accountability in our personal lives, maybe safeguards in our social lives, and professional help. Addiction counseling is one type of professional help that you can find at Holistic to fight the disease of addiction.

We understand the fight, we know how the disease works and we have helped many others who have shared your fight. At Holistic, we will put our knowledge and experience to work for you using tools like addiction counseling to help you win this fight.

It is a fight you can’t win alone but it is also a fight you don’t have to take on alone. We can help, we want to help, and we will help but the first step towards getting help begins with you.

A Medical Clinic That Cares

If you are looking for a medical clinic in or around the Saint Albans, West Virginia area then Holistic, Inc. may be able to help. Our medical services cover everything from primary care to counseling services and including addiction treatment.

We welcome a call or visit if you need a medical clinic or primary care services or just have questions. At Holistic we work to deliver the best medical services along with the type of personal care and attention that is centered on you and your needs.

We care about our patients and want to build healthy and real relationships with them. That’s the Holistic difference, we want to go the extra mile because we care.

Addiction Center and Treatments

If you are needing, wanting, or looking into an addiction center for yourself or someone you care about, we know this can be a difficult time. Here is the good news, nearly any addiction center can and will help. Here is better news, if that person (even if that person is you) has decided to go visit the center, then you have taken the first real step toward recovery.

At Holistic, Inc. we understand how much pain, how much hurt, and how much suffering you are going through. We also know that you can overcome addiction because we have helped so many others who have taken that same first step.

Call us, visit us or reach out to us online and one of our caring professionals will be happy to help. Finding help isn’t hard, reaching out and making that first step can be. Talk to us today, we can make it easier.

Locating a Walk-in Clinic Near Me

Addiction is a strange, deadly, and confusing disease. Sometimes getting help or the window for getting that help can be small. Sometimes, a walk-in clinic can save a life for those very reasons.

Have you reached your rock-bottom and have decided to do a search for a “walk-in clinic near me?” Do you know someone who has talked about getting help and are interested in finding local walk-in clinics? If so, we can help.

Holistic offers walk-in clinic services because we understand that when those “moments of clarity” hit, the time to get help is now. Our professionals know addiction, our caring staff wants to help and we are here when you need us, even if that means right now.

Ending Addiction With Drug Treatment

Drug treatment can and normally does take many different forms. There is generally counseling involved in addition to some personal work and investment. In some cases depending on the type of addiction, medical treatment and intervention may also be required.

Know what type of treatment you need, what type of drug treatment services work, and how to get started isn’t something you need to worry about. If you or someone you care about is fighting addiction, your concern begins with getting help.

Holistic Inc., has medical experts, addiction, and counseling professionals, and a staff that cares about you who will worry about the course of action. Your recovery simply begins with taking action. When you are ready, we will be here. Holistic, Inc. we overcome addiction, together.

Finding Primary Care Providers Near Me

There are many reasons why people search “primary care providers near me.” Their former primary care provider may have moved or maybe you have moved and are new Saint Albans. It is even possible that you’ve never had or needed one, until now. Holistic, Inc. would like to welcome you and if you are looking for a primary care provider, you can reach out to us.

Our staff takes the time to get to know you, not only your file but you. We believe the better we know who you are, the better we can treat you, not only your condition but you as a person. At Holistic, Inc. we strive to build relationships with our patients because the medical field is about caring for people.

It doesn’t matter why you are looking for a primary care provider, what is important is that you find a provider and team that cares. Contact us if you are looking for a primary care provider or want to know more about our medical services because we are here to help.

Counseling: Getting Back to Normal

The effects of trauma can be damning. They can also go undetected or cause hidden chaos in the lives of those who have suffered trauma. In many cases, the only way to diagnose or recognize trauma-related effects is by talking to a medical professional.

At Holistic, Inc. we offer trauma therapy in addition to other techniques and methods to help those who have dealt with trauma. The brain is fragile and complex, understanding it can be even more complex but our staff has the experience and expertise to help you get through it. You’re dealing with it and you really have no other option because it is in your head, we understand. The good news is, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Contact us to find out more about trauma therapy and our services and how we can help.

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