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Addiction and Counseling Services

For well over a decade, our providers have helped battle addiction throughout Appalachia. It is a fight you cannot win alone but it is also a fight you do not have to take on alone. We can help, we want to help, and we will help but the first step towards getting help begins with you.

At Holistic, we understand how much pain, how much hurt, and how much you had had to endure. We also know that you can overcome addiction because we have helped so many others who have simply chosen to take the first step … and asked us to help. We can make it easier. We continue to provide services and work with our community partners and relationships to ensure you receive experienced, compassionate care on your road to recovery.

The battle of addiction can never be fought on just one front, it must be attacked from every angle. That includes things like accountability in our personal lives, maybe safeguards in our social lives, and professional help. There are medications and counseling services to assist you.

Addiction is a strange, deadly, and confusing disease. Sometimes getting help or the window for getting that help can be small. Have you reached your rock-bottom and have decided to do a search for a “walk-in clinic near me?” Do you know someone who has talked about getting help and is interested in finding help? The time to get help is now!


Our professionals know addiction, our caring staff wants to help, and we are here when you need us, even if that means right now. You are not alone! If you are needing, wanting, or looking into an addiction center for yourself or someone you care about, we know this can be a challenging time. We set the example of exemplary service and care particularly related to Addiction Counseling; we only employ Master’s Level counselors with years of experience. If you, individually or your company needs counseling services for your clinic, … call us, we can help you!

Annual Wellness Exams

At Holistic, we love to see our patients; however, perhaps the most important visit of the year is the Annul Wellness Exam. Surprisingly, and often misunderstood, the yearly “Wellness” visit is not a physical exam. What is an annual wellness exam?

A wellness exam helps your provider understand what is working for you and how to best support your continued health and well-being. We utilize a yearly “Wellness” visit to develop or update your personalized plan to help prevent disease or disability, based on your current health and risk factors.

Update Your Personalized Plan

During an annual wellness exam, your health care provider will run through a series of tests and checks to get a general sense of how your body is doing. Often, your provider will do this using a physical exam check list that applies to your age, gender, and any risk factors you may have. Some of these checks may include:

  • A review of your medical and family history; A review of your current providers and prescriptions.
  • Checking your weight, height, and body mass index (BMI): Your weight, height and BMI are important measurements that give your doctor an idea of how healthy you are for your age.
  • Checking your heart rate and blood pressure: Many things can affect your blood pressure, including stress, sleep habits, smoking, diet, and exercise habits. Having too high or too low levels of blood pressure are both risk factors for chronic (long-term) health problems.
  • Listening to your lungs and heart: This is done to check for any breathing problems, including wheezing or coughing. Your health care provider may also listen for heart murmurs (unusual sounds between each heartbeat) or extra sounds that can indicate a possible problem with your heart.
  • Performing a physical exam: Your provider will look at all the key areas of your body to make sure there are no signs of health problems. This includes checking the color and size of your eyes, looking for bumps or lumps on your skin, checking your stomach area and checking your reflexes.
  • A screening schedule (like a checklist) for appropriate preventive services inclusive of vaccinations, and other preventive services.
  • Advanced Care Planning.

What tests are done during an annual wellness exam?

While your health care provider may decide to do some or all these tests during an annual wellness exam, most standard visits will include the following:

  • Blood draw: This includes things like liver function tests, kidney function tests and an electrolyte panel, which checks the levels of certain chemicals in the blood.
  • Urine sample: This includes urine tests for sugar, protein, or blood. It also could include a urine culture to check for urinary tract infections (UTIs).
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) tests: Your health care provider may recommend an STI screening depending on your sexual activity or if you are showing any symptoms of an STI.

In addition to this, if you are getting an annual wellness exam because of a specific complaint, your health care provider will take the time to check out any symptoms and work toward understanding what is going on. If necessary, they will refer you to a specialist or doctor who has more expertise in that area of medicine so you can get treated as soon as possible.

What happens after an annual wellness exam?

Assuming you are healthy, and your test results come back normal, you will only need to do an annual wellness exam once a year. Your provider will also likely provide recommendations to improve or stay at your current level of health.

If an issue shows up or you receive abnormal test results, you may need to go back for more tests or additional follow-up appointments. Your provider will want to discuss the results with you and come up with a personalized treatment plan that will suit your current health conditions.

Concierge Services

America spends more on healthcare than any other nation in the world, while getting less healthy in terms of outcomes. In fact, for the first time in recent history, the average life expectancy for U.S. citizens has declined for the past three years in a row. You deserve a more effective healthcare solution.

Concierge medicine is membership-based healthcare that pairs exclusive, personalized care with accessibility and convenience.

Unlimited Office and Telehealth Visits

For a flat monthly fee, you get unlimited office and telehealth visits, as well as direct care from a provider without worrying about copays and other charges. In review we have found that many patients that have large deductibles find it cheaper to simply coordinate concierge care. You also gain access to your doctor’s direct phone line for medical questions and simple diagnostic and blood tests in their office. And if you have a major health problem, your provider coordinates specialist referrals as needed. With concierge medicine, there is no insurance or corporate health system interference—just doctors and patients.

We believe that the concierge healthcare model is the smartest way to deliver it. Concierge medicine is based on the principle that an upfront investment in your wellness should translate into a reduction in severe healthcare occurrences.

Patients of concierge doctors wait one business day or less for an appointment, instead of the average 20+ days and they can spend up to 45 minutes per visit versus the typical 13 minutes. We believe that the care concierge doctors provide can reduce overall healthcare expenditures.


“Providers are paid for how many people turn the turnstile.” Unsurprisingly, people who choose traditional primary care are frustrated with the lack of access to their provider. “They love their provider but hate the office.”

The traditional primary care provider routine is a familiar one—after waiting weeks for an appointment, you have some basic tests and screenings and wait days or weeks for the results to be uploaded to an online portal. If you are lucky, you get to discuss your results with a nurse over the phone.

How Much Does Concierge Medicine Cost?

Patients pay a one-time initiation fee and monthly membership fees. We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual memberships. Contact our office to discuss.

Is It Covered By Insurance?

The fees are an out-of-pocket expense. Depending on your specific care needs, you might incur additional fees for services like outside labs. Your health insurance company may reimburse some of these costs if the provider is considered an out-of-network provider.

Concierge care is not an insurance alternative—you still need coverage for hospitalizations and specialty referrals. Since routine care is covered by your membership, though, you can consider switching to a “high-deductible” health plan to save money. Contact your benefits representative or health insurance company to see what can be paid from your health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) as well. Make an investment in your health! Concierge medical fees are affordable!


Counseling Services

Holistic Medical Services and Counseling is proud to announce that we are now offering counseling services for both children and adults! Telehealth is available, call our office to inquire!

We continue to specialize in individualized counseling, family counseling, trauma therapy, eating disorders, alcohol addiction, anxiety-bipolar disorders, and EMDR therapy. Regardless of location or health status, our services can be coordinated. We are proud to offer telehealth counseling for your convenience. Furthermore, depending on your employer, we also offer employee/employer assistance programs. Lastly, we recognize that ongoing counseling is often the key to your success … we offer pre-paid subscription-based arrangements, this enables you to book your appointments today and, in the future, providing you the continuity of care you desire. Please contact our office to review your needs, we look forward to talking to you.

What is EMDR?

EMDR is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. The process is designed to stimulate the stored information, allowing the brain to reprocess the experience. This can be provided via Telehealth, too!

EAP Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAPs are offered through some employers and insurance companies, Holistic has coordinated agreements with several employers in the region. Consult your HR department, or your insurance company. Sessions are 100% confidential, and no information can be released to your employer without your written consent.


Subscription Based Counseling Services

Everyone deserves to be Happy! Holistic employs a large network of licensed, accredited, and experienced therapists who can help you with a range of issues from depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, grief, and more. There is no longer a requirement to go into an office setting to see a therapist. With Holistic’s therapists, you can obtain the same professionalism and quality, but with the ability to communicate when and how you want.

Holistic’s subscription-based counseling services offers counseling services that permit you to subscribe to prepaid monthly therapy. By doing so, you choose how you feel comfortable communicating with your therapist — text, chat, phone, or video. You can message your therapist at any time, and coordinate therapy from anywhere. You can also schedule live sessions when it is convenient for you and can connect from any mobile device or computer. Contact our office today to find out more!.

DUI Safety & Treatment Program


Holistic will offer online and in person classes in our Kanawha City office. The West Virginia DUI Safety and Treatment program is offered in conjunction with the West Virginia Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities and the WV Division of Motor Vehicles. The program consists of education, intervention, and treatment components.

Each individual is required to complete an evaluation, and, at a minimum, complete eighteen hours of required education classes held of several different time frames to choose from (Accelerated programs available). Additional treatment services may be required. Individuals must successfully complete treatment goals to be recommended for reinstatement of their driver’s license.

DUI Open Enrollment Schedule in Charleston, WV. Must schedule an in-person appointment with our office manager to enroll in classes, during business hours. Contact our office today!

Visit the WV DMV

DUI Open Enrollment Schedule

Must schedule an in-person appointment with the office manager to enroll in classes, during business hours.

DUI Program Information General Information Brochure

Hours are:

Monday – Thursday: 7:30 am- 5:00pm

Friday: CLOSED

Employment & Sports Physicals

Holistic recognizes the importance of physicals. Whether you or your family member necessitates a physical for a sport, school clearance, or a physical for employment, we can help.

Sports Physicals:

  • Identify and screen any potential undiagnosed medical condition that could make sports participation unsafe.
  • Look for and intervene in poorly controlled chronic conditions such as asthma, obesity, hypertension, post-concussion syndrome, mental health issues or eating disorders..
  • Screen for musculoskeletal injuries, chronic or acute, that need further workup or rehab prior to sports participation.
  • Personal and family medical history questionnaire.
  • Blood pressure and pulse measurement.
  • Physical exam.

Employment Physicals:

Physicals for work help to ensure the safety of the employee and those around them while they perform job-related tasks. Employment physicals are particularly important in high-risk positions such as commercial driving, law enforcement, public safety positions, manufacturing, and labor occupations. Moreover, countless employers have begun to screen for conditions that raise costs for employers. As such, we can help develop a plan and relay that plan (as necessary and only if required) to either maintain employment, maintain insurance costs, or both.

  • Personal and family medical history questionnaire.
  • Labs, as necessary.
  • Blood pressure and pulse measurement.
  • Physical ability tests for specific job function.

Some jobs and/or employers may also require blood and urine tests, chest X-rays or an electrocardiogram (EKG)

Our locations can provide same-day service, or you can schedule an appointment for your sports or employment physical.


Functional Medicine

What does a functional medical provider do?

A provider in functional medicine works holistically, considering the full picture of your physical, mental, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual health. They consider factors like diet, genetics, hormonal changes, prescription and over the counter medications, and other lifestyle components.

How does functional medicine differ from conventional medicine?

Our patients and prospective patients often ask us, “How does functional medicine differ from conventional medicine?” Or they wonder why they should choose us over a conventional medical doctor. Conventional medicine is innovative and has made significant progress in preventing, diagnosing, and treating a host of diseases and illnesses. Now, conventional medicine can even map your genes to identify markers for disease and more effectively target treatments to specific patients.

The trouble is people are living longer and feeling worse. Chronic conditions are on the rise. Obesity is now an epidemic. More children are suffering from allergies, asthma, and autism. More patients are showing up with digestive disorders and a host of chronic illnesses, including bowel disease, chronic fatigue, and cancer. Long story short, conventional medicine has not made us any healthier.


Functional and integrative medicine is different because it focuses on health. When you report your symptoms to a conventional doctor, the doctor either prescribes medication or a medical procedure to alleviate your symptoms and, perhaps, eliminate the illness. With functional/integrative medicine, our diagnosis does not stop at the symptom or illness level; we continue to peel away the layers of the onion to identify the source of that illness, which is almost always at the cellular level.

Restoring health instead of merely eliminating illness

By restoring health instead of merely eliminating illness, we give the body what it needs not only to eliminate the reported illness but also to eliminate other underlying illnesses that may not be showing symptoms and to prevent the onset of future illness.

The table below compares the two approaches side-by-side.

Conventional (Allopathic) Medicine

Diagnoses illness
Treats illness
Relies primarily on pharmaceuticals, surgery, and medical procedures to treat illness
Treats all patients with similar symptoms alike
Patient passively receives treatment
Treats from the outside in to alleviate symptoms and illness

Functional, Integrative Medicine

Identifies the source of illness
Restores healthy function to enable the body to eliminate illness
Employs numerous approaches, including conventional, functional, chiropractic, osteopathic, weight loss, orthopedic, environmental intervention, and lifestyle changes
Tailors the treatment plan to each individual
Patient actively participates in diagnosis and treatment, which often requires attending to environmental and lifestyle factors
Treats from the inside out to remove the source of illness and restore health

The ranges used to interpret test results shift the traditional doctor’s focus to determining whether you are sick, rather than gauging how healthy you are. With functional medicine, we work toward bringing levels into ranges that indicate health and vitality.

Prior to treatment, we conduct a thorough examination aimed at identifying the root cause of compromised health. Although our choices vary according to each patient’s physiological portrait, we use a variety of diagnostic tests and procedures, including:

Results from the examination and tests provide us with the information we need to make an accurate diagnosis and choose the best treatments. With the test results, we can:

Primary Care Services

Providing Care for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Holistic, Inc. is a primary care office located in Charleston, West Virginia. Our goal is to treat any issues, therefore providing care for the mind, body, and soul. Our staff focuses on specialized treatments for each client based on their individual needs.

The Personal Care of Primary Care

A primary care provider is one person who you trust. They are the professionals that know your history, your illnesses and often much more. At Holistic, we want to be that primary care facility and that person for you. We want to invest in getting to know you. In doing so we can better treat your entire person while fostering a meaningful relationship.

As a primary care provider, these provider-patient relationships often become real and deep relationships. Of course, these relationships and friendships are not built overnight but they all begin the same way. If you need a medical provider, a primary care provider, or even counseling, we can help. It begins with you, and it ends with us.


Finding Primary Care Providers Near Me

There are many reasons why people search “primary care providers near me.” Their former primary care provider may have moved or you have moved. It is even possible that you have never had or needed one, until now. Holistic, Inc. would like to welcome you and if you are looking for a primary care provider, you can reach out to us.

Our staff takes the time to get to know you, not only your file but you. We believe the better we know who you are, the better we can treat you, not only your condition but you as a person. At Holistic we strive to build relationships with our patients because the medical field is about caring for people.

It does not matter why you are looking for a primary care provider, what is important is that you find a provider and team that cares. Contact us if you are looking for a primary care provider or want to know more about our medical services because we are here to help.

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