Accepting New Patients in our Charleston, WV Clinic

We know your time is valuable; each and every patient deserves respect. No one likes to be treated like a number, nor in other situations forced to wait for hours simply to be seen, and then ignored once in the room with their clinician – We value you and the relationship we build – together!

Since Holistic opened, our patients have depended on us to provide valuable services to them. We offer a comprehensive, fully personalized service administered by our team members who specialize in Your Care.

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Holistic Medical Services and Counseling is uniquely suited to serve our community. “Holistic” by definition, means to treat the mind, body, and soul of an individual. Holistic is committed to providing services that will exceed the expectations of our patients.

Countless medical offices are reactive vs. being proactive. They treat patients as if every situation just suddenly arose, … an Urgent Care / ER mentality. Unfortunately, many providers do not know the difference, … they were taught to get them in and get them out. All of this is wrong! There is a time and place for acute care; however, providers are supposed to work on the focus of prevention, so something does not become chronic. Scheduled visits, appropriate preventative testing, and a frequency of both are what you should receive and deserve. If your provider is not practicing this way, you need to ask yourself if they truly know you, care, or want to build a history with you. Ask yourself, which way does your provider practice and which methodology seems correct to you.

Every patient is a member of our community seeking help. We see the individual: Our focus is to empower our patients to take control of their destiny through much needed, quality, collaborative care such as to function, be productive, and successful, one patient at a time.

At Holistic we not only see the vulnerability and desire within a person, but the importance of everyone to receive quality, compassionate, compliant care without constant judgment. If you are looking for a change, an opportunity to better your life with experienced guidance, please do not hesitate to call our office.

Strategically located within Kanawha County, we are right on the bus line, and convenient from major routes (Route 60 / I-64) for patients to be seen. We have multiple providers to not only provide medical service, but we also employ multiple counselors as well, all within the same facility.

Medical Weight Loss

We offer specialized and individual weight loss solutions for our patients.  There are numerous options to choose from such as Semaglitude, HCG, B12, Lipo-Mino, Sermorelin, as well as several medication-assisted weight loss options, too.

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Holistic, Inc Medical Services and Counseling

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